Thursday, February 22, 2007

Organic Café Experience

Was at Velocity @ Novena Square with M looking for a place to have lunch, when we noticed this place. M is currently into eating healthy so this seemed like the perfect place to try out...

For a place called "Organic Café", you would expect most of the items on the menu to be organic right? Not quite...

M ordered the Lambloin S$10.90+ -

and I had the Grilled Seafood $12.90+ -

The food was actually quite good. There was lots of seafood and the slightly ginger-y sauce went remarkably well with it... but can you really call your restaurant "organic" if the only thing that's organic is some of the ingredients for the sauces??? Felt a bit gypped and think they should seriously consider a name change...

Organic Café Experience
Velocity @ Novena Square
Tel : 6352 7837


Joe said...

Was there an organ playing while you were eating ? Maybe they made the lamb loins from lamb organs ? Or they used an organ to prepare your food.. and if you guess which one, you get it free ! :D

Esther said...

hahaha... see what fun it is to let other people comment on your blog - hint hint :)

rrr said...

hi esther,

a friend of mine told me abt this too!

may i ask how u discovered some of their ingredients are not organic?

in my friend's case, the manager told him only the salad & veggies are organic. meat and such are not.

sad isnt it.