Thursday, February 15, 2007

Corduroy Café

Just as I'm drafting this post, I find out that two of my friends just ate here recently! I quite like the original Corduroy & Finch so was eager to check out their latest outlet...

Loved the decor of the place - it's done up like a European café with a few cosy-looking sofa seats and a fantastic view of Sentosa... but surprised to find out that there is no table service - i.e. you place your order and pay at the counter and the food will be served to you. Didn't sit all that well with me...

Forgot to bring my camera with me so had to use Karen's camera (Thanks, dearie!). We took a picture of the Beef Pie $7.00+++ when it was served -

Then decided it made sense to show what it looked like inside so took another photo...

Not very appetizing eh? :P

Karen had the Beef Lasagne $9.00+++ -

And Jo (or was it Aaron??) had the Vegetarian Quiche -

The food was just ok but what we all loved were the desserts. Actually that was the main reason I suggested this place - walked past here the last time I was in Vivo City and the desserts looked realy good...

We tried the Chocolate Royal $6.80+++ -

Panna Cotta $6.80+++ -

And Cheese Cake $6.80+++ -

The desserts were so good that they didn't last very long on the table - and Aaron made sure there were no crumbs were left behind :)

Nice place to hangout for an afternoon chat and a light meal... but definitely try the desserts.

Corduroy Café
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-106 Vivo City
Tel : 6376 9895

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S (your nickname for me:) said...

I think when I mentioned this place to you my BIGGEST COMPLAINT was the SERVICE CHARGE even though there was NO TABLE SERVICE!! How can they justify that???