Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

On a particularly adventurous evening, we decided to try out this vegetarian restaurant in Geylang - nowhere near the dodgier areas, rather it was right in between a few Buddhist centres.

The cuisine is a mix of tze char, Peranakan and Thai food. M quite likes Peranakan food so I thought it will be interesting for him to try the veggie versions, and not have to forgo Peranakan food just because he's now vegetarian.

So of course we had to order the classic Peranakan dish, Buah Keluak :

The last time we had Buah Keluak, Mother Hen Toh dug the "meat" out from the Buah Keluak for us. So we were a bit lost when the dish arrived and the buah keluak appeared to be whole... we asked the manager for, erm, assistance, and he pointed out to us that there was a slit on the side of the nut. Silly us. Still not all that fond of buah keluak but the rest of the dish (it also had some mock meat in it) was not too bad.

Another Peranakan favourite is Ngoh Hiang -

Like the gyozas at Indinine, the lack of meat in this dish was hardly noticed. Yummy!

Everyone knows how much I love Sambal Kangkong so it was no surprise that I ordered this -

It was deceivingly spicy!

We also ordered Sweet and Sour Fish -

This was the first time I've had mock fish and I was surprised to find that the texture of the "fish" was really close to that of real fish. We were raving about it so much that M (who normally avoids sweet and sour anything) decided to give it a try and quite liked it too!

And no vegetarian meal would be complete without a tofu dish so we ordered Mapo Tofu too -

The food here is all quite healthy - not too oily, not much MSG. All in all a good meal with reasonably attentive service. Parking was a bit of a pain though. Good option for when you want inexpensive and healthy vegetarian food in air-conditioned comfort.

The Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant
593 Geylang Road
Tel: 6841 3319

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Mr K said...

I MUST try this when I get back!!! Luckily I still eat seafood so I can have real fish! :) But yay, non-meat buah keluak!