Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Basil Alcove

I first heard about this place on ieatishootipost. Not long after, it was also mentioned in the local newspapers, Chubby Hubby and 8 Days so I was avoiding this place for quite a while as it was sure to be crowded... nearly forgot about this place until I saw it while driving past recently, so suggested to S to come here for dinner one weekday evening.

It's the most unexpected place to find a restaurant - this building has a few 'health centres' on the higher floors and vegetarian stalls on the lower floors, such an odd combination! The restaurant itself is pretty small with most of the tables located outside the stall, giving it a very different and interesting ambience. And with "ambience" comes bad lighting so be prepared for some pretty dark photos...

We started off with Sauteed Shitake Mushroom $4.80 -

If you can't tell what's in the picture, it's two stacks of shitake mushrooms separated by a spoonful of balsamic vinegar. The simple sauteed mushrooms were juicy and flavourful in itself but the balsamic vinegar made quite the perfect compliment.

For the main course I had the Rack of Lamb $18.80 -

The lamb was cooked to the perfect donenes, but it wasn't as tasty as you would expect from good quality lamb and it was pretty evident when I ate it. But really for that price, it was an acceptable substitute...

S had the Basilico Duck $13.80 -

Yes, as you can tell the chef here is very big on presentation. The instructions from the waitress were - pour the ingredients on the little spoon into the shot glass, and this will generate bubbles (due to the bicarbonate soda on the spoon). The sauce can then be poured over the duck, or you can dunk the pieces of duck into the shot glass individually. So elaborate!!

S didn't like the duck being undercooked so we sent the dish back... when the dish returned, you could tell that the chef had used a handheld burner on the duck instead of throwing it back in to the pan - that would have totally overcooked it.

Come here for reasonably priced (i.e. cheap) haute cuisine. But at those prices, don't expect the world yah?

Basil Alcove
190 Middle Road
#01-07 Fortune Centre
Tel : 6336 1318

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