Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Angus Steak House

I've noticed this place before (it's near Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao) but never knew what they served. It was B's birthday recently and he wanted to celebrate it here...

The reason for the multiple labels attached to this post is that while they serve western food, the food has a distinctly Japanese slant - steaks are served with a miso-type sauce and they have plenty of Japanese-style pastas (with salmon roe, sea urchin etc).

Walking into the restaurant, you can tell straight off that it's a pretty family oriented place (i.e. lots of kids)... but B booked a private room where we were shielded from all the noise outside. The decor in the private room was quaint and very retro - the place mats were a hideous pink and it looked like they have never been changed. The atmosphere was very reminiscent of Shashlik, another old-school Russian restaurant located at Far East Shopping Centre (love the Borscht soup there!).

I ordered the Rib-eye Steak 200g with the Set Menu $52.50+++, which started with the Hors D'oeuvre -

The crabmeat wanton was not bad but would have tasted much better warm rather than room temperature...

The Soup of the Day was a pretty tasty Cream of Mushroom Soup -

followed by a simple Salad -

and the main course Rib-eye Steak -

The steak came in three sizes - 200g, 250g and 300g. Wasn't too sure how much I could handle so I went for the smallest - which turned out to be just the right size. The doneness of the steak was as requested (medium well) and the miso sauce, while just a little salty, went quite well with it. Could have done with a few more veggies though...

And for dessert, there was Tiramisu -

Not a bad Tiramisu, seeing how this is hardly an Italian restaurant... and it's quite well plated too. I thought it might have been plated earlier and left in the fridge but the plate was not cold so that theory was thrown out the window.

Service was pretty attentive and we were quite impressed by the speed that the food was served - once the first course came, there was barely a pause between courses. Worth trying if you're in the area and wanting a good steak... or just because there is a long queue in every other restaurant in this building :)

Angus Steak House
391 Orchard Road
#04-25 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Tel: 67356015

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