Monday, May 21, 2007

Coca Steamboat

It was a Girl's Night Out... and working around various dietary constraints and on C's suggestion, we ended up eating here. Apparently this is one of C's favourite places to eat but none of us knew that!

While waiting for the rest to turn up, we munched on the appetizers : Mango Salad -

and Deep Fried Crabsticks -

No one seemed to like this but I thought it was not bad. Ended up eating most of the two plates that was on the table :P

We also got served Otah in a Spoon -

of which I ate, erm, two :P

The dinner buffet costs $32.50+++. After you order, the waiter will bring all the ingredients and will put all the ingredients in for you. I kinda forgot to take a picture of the ingredients so made up by taking pictures of the steamboat itself. The first round was full of veggies -

C also ordered quite a few servings of enoki mushrooms which I love, and ate lots of.

Later we added in prawns and other meats to add flavour to the soup -

One of the specialities here is the fish paste, which I frankly don't see what the fuss is about. What were all loved were the finely sliced beef that PM cooked to perfection for us. They don't serve this on the onset so make sure you order it.

What this place is also famous for is its chilli sauce -

which I have to agree is pretty good, seeing how I had two whole bowls of it :)

A pretty good deal if you can eat more than the average person. Besides the thinly sliced beef, the other ingredients are pretty mediocre. Keep in mind for a rainy day when bubbling hot steamboat is just what hits the spot.

Coca Steamboat
360 Orchard Road
#02-05 International Building
Tel: 67382588

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Anonymous said...

you haven't tried the mini steamboat formerly from parkway basement, now moved to roxy square, and in june will move to joo chiat (i got the card).

shiokness, hotness, cheapness.