Thursday, May 03, 2007


This place is very discreet - nowhere in the signage, shopfront or menu does it say that it is a vegetarian restaurant. I'm sure some people have unsuspectingly walked in here for a meal only to discover that it serves vegetarian food. But this place does Asian/Fusion vegetarian food really well that I'm sure it will be a pleasant surprise for any meat-eaters...

A must-order dish for me is the All Veggie Gyoza $4.50++ -

It's never too oily, and goes perfectly with the vinegar. Have no idea what goes inside the gyoza instead of meat but it does a damn fine job of replacing it.

Some other starters that I've tried include the Papadum Surprise -

The surprise is the piece of tofu that's wrapped inside the papadum. This is a bit on the oily side, so I tried not to think of how unhealthy it was as I ate about five of these :)

Recently also tried the Pan Fried Eggplant -

The menu said it was supposed to be a Szechuan-type sauce but it seemed more like a tomato-based spaghetti sauce. Tasted pretty ok though, but I felt the eggplant should have been sliced into smaller pieces.

One of my favourite main courses here is Shrooms Simplifried $8.50++ -

Yes, it's kind of a corny name... but it's really yummy - tasty fried rice, chockfull of mushrooms including my ever favourite enoki.

The Curry Baked Rice was not quite what I expected -

Thought it would be white rice with a layer of curry and a further layer of cheese, but it turned out to be curry-flavoured rice with a layer of cheese. Spicy, and not quite what I expected, but still good.

I've also tried the Curry Craver $7.50++ -

Prata with "mutton" curry... decent attempt but the curry was a bit too thin for my liking.

And for dessert, you must have the Mango Lover's Dream $5.50++ -

Another perfect mango dessert in my book - the mango ice-cream with the glutinous rice, coconut milk and the sliver of mango is just a piece of heaven. It could definitely do with bigger servings of mango though...

If you are observant enough, you will be able to tell that this review was done over three visits :P Do use your Citibank credit card to pay here as there is a 15% discount.

9 Temasek Boulevard
#03-16 Sky Garden
Suntec City Mall
Tel : 6238 6755

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