Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kuriya Restaurant & Market

With G in town, I'm always assured of Japanese food. As a creature of habit, I'm (still) always going to the same old places which is the main reason why I've never tried Kuriya... well, that and I've always thought the food here was exorbitantly expensive but I think that's only at Kuriya Fine Dining at Great World City.

We were not terribly hungry so ordered just a few dishes -

Tempura Mori $14.80++

The tempura was quite good and a pretty decent portion too - with three prawns, a piece of fish and some veggies.

Taketsutsu Sushi $13.80++

Isn't it really pretty? I really liked this sushi - besides being fresh, which is expected of a good Japanese restaurant, it's also a perfect size! I hate it when I take a bite of a piece of sushi and it makes a mess - this is exactly bite-size :)

Gyu-okura $8.80++

You can't quite see what it is under all that fried garnish, but it's actually asparagus wrapped with slices of beef. With just four small pieces, it's definitely not worth the price.

Sesame Ice Cream $5.80++ and Soba Crepe $8.30++

The Sesame Ice Cream was not too bad - the high price probably due to the fact that it's handmade? The crepe was extremely thin and light but the custard in the middle made it quite a filling dessert.

While it's not exorbitantly expensive, it is definitely a bit more expensive than your average Japanese restaurant. If you pick the right dishes, it's quite worth the price though. Try to get a seat inside the restaurant as it has a much nicer atmosphere and extremely attentive service.

Kuriya Restaurant & Market
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-06 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel : 6883 2020

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S said...

i've always been a fan of Kuriya, esp their cheaper version ichiban boshi at great world (big slices of fish over small roll of rice!). Now I have to try this raffles city branch!