Friday, June 01, 2007

Café Rosso

Read about this place a while back and thought of trying it out but the place always seemed empty when I walked past so I wasn't convinced that it was worth a visit. But on a particularly unimaginative Sunday, I suggested this place to S when we were thinking of somewhere to have brunch.

Needless to say, I ordered breakfast food - Tuscan Breakfast $18.50++ :

Scrambled Eggs, Sausages sauteed with Potatoes and Tomatoes, and Toast. I like how the sausages are sliced into little pieces - perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon when even cutting up a sausage seems like too much work :P The scrambled eggs were quite yummy too.

The price might sound a bit steep but the set comes with a pot of tea...

... served in very nice Bodum-type pot and cup.

The desserts were sitting pretty in the display case so we just had to order some to try. This looked interesting and the label didn't explain what it was so we asked the waiter -

Mont Blanc $6.00++ is made up of a thin layer of cake, whipped cream topped with squiggles of chestnut cream. 'Chestnut cream?!?', I hear you say... yup, we were very curious too so we gave it a try. Very interesting taste - the squiggles are soft and creamy (for some reason I thought it would be firm), with just a hint of chestnut flavour. A bit on the sweet side though. Apparently a very popular dessert in Japan, but this is the first time I've seen it here...

And in the spirit of adventure, we tried another interesting-looking dessert -

Mille Feuille $5.00++ is french for "thousand layers". It's really layers of puff pastry interspersed with layers of cream. Nice and flaky, but what a mess to eat!

Perfect place if you're looking for somewhere quiet and private to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon. The rest of the food is Japanese-style Western food and looks like it's worth a try too. You must defintitely have the desserts here.

Café Rosso
17D Lorong Liput
Tel: 6466 8637

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Anonymous said...

everything looks sooooo pwetty! and prices ain't that bad too. unfotch its in HV. oh well. at least its another place to indulge once the mood strikes ;)