Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Waraku Japanese Restaurant

Of course the last meal I had with G before she left had to be Japanese food :) We decided to try out this chain of restaurants which has a branch in Katong Village.

This is supposed to be a picture of Agadeshi Tofu $6.80+++ :

You can't see the tofu pieces but it's there lah.

G ordered the Hokkai Don $13.00+++ :

which is more widely known as Salmon Don.

I decided to go with two side dishes instead of one main dish, but it turned out to be way more than what I would have had if I just had a noodle or rice dish.

I'm sure to order any mushroom and butter dish if it's on the menu, so Kinoko Butter $8.00+++ was a shoo-in :

I just googled and found out that kinoko is mushroom in Japanese! This was just ok, not enough butter (but anyone who has had my enoki mushroom creation knows how much butter I like with my mushrooms)... and a bit of a small serving for that price.

I also ordered Salmon Miso Cheese $8.80+++ :

This turned out to be so cheesy that it was a bit of a struggle eating it - the cheese seemed to stretch forever. Ended up picking around the cheese and ate the salmon instead. I like cheesy stuff but this wasn't all that great.

Service here also left much to be desired. It took the manager quite a while to seat us despite the fact that there were empty tables. The staff seemed to be perpetually busy despite the fact that there really weren't that many customers (it's a pretty small place)... it took ages before we could get their attention for anything.

I remember eating at the Starhub Center branch just before G left for her first overseas posting and the food seemed much better then. Guess the expansion has caused a drop in the quality of the food.

Waraku Japanese Restaurant
86 East Coast Road
Blk B #01-11/12/13
Katong Village (Located next to Katong Mall)
Tel : 6344 8280


D said...

Thanks for dropping bye. Fried momos aye? I was thinking of "keeping it clean" by having them steamed but heck, fried does sound good too. I'll drop by again for sure, they gave me a 20sgd voucher, it wouldn't be polite for me not to return =)

Burpette said...

You should try the outlet at Central. I think it has a funkier menu and a much nicer ambience overlooking clarke quay. In fact, we should go down to Central with G the next time, there are about 5-6 Jap restaurants there for her picking...