Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So, apparently it's quite well-known that there's a dessert stall in Redhill Food Centre where the guy who dances as he sells desserts. Within a span of a week, two different people mentioned this stall to me so S decided to bring me there to check it out one evening.

When you get to Redhill Food Centre, it's quite easy to spot the stall. For one, there's always a queue... that and there's pretty loud music blasting from this stall.

We were a bit undecided on what to have but settled on Chng Tng $1.00 -

It was sweet without being overbearingly so... the shaved iced was fine and did not dilute the dessert. Lots of ingredients, including what I swear is orange peel - I was convinced I tasted a hint of orange peel but we did not see any in the bowl. Hmm....

The queue moves relatively fast, and the guy provides some entertainment when he's dancing, so the wait is not that bad. Will probably come back to try the other desserts.

79 Redhill Lane
#01-60 Redhill Food Centre
Closed on Monday & Tuesday
Open 3 - 11pm

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