Friday, June 29, 2007

Pizza Walker

This is one of my current favourite places to go to when I have a carb craving. The pizzas and pastas here are pretty good, reasonably priced and there is hardly ever a queue.

My two favourite things here are -

(1) Quattro Formaggi 8" $14.80+++ :

and (2) Mediterranean Pasta $14.80+++ :

The Quattro Formaggi pizza has an extremely thin crust and is super cheesy. The Mediterranean Pasta is done with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese - all of which comes together with the tomata-based sauce perfectly.

On one visit here, there was a pretty big group so we tried the

Wasabi Supreme 8" $14.80+++ :

Vegetariana 8" $12.80+++ :

and Marinara 8" $14.80+++ :

I don't remember being very impressed by these pizzas so I'll stick to my two favourites as mentioned :)

One annoying thing about this place is the fact that they don't serve ice water. My solution : order the free-flow Ice Lemon Tea $6.00+++. I figure as long as you can drink more than 3 glasses, it should be worth your money... only problem is the caffeine keeps me up if I have it at dinner...

Pizza Walker
435 Orchard Road
#01-37 Wisma Atria
Tel : 6238 6141

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