Wednesday, June 13, 2007

75 花生汤圆

Despite being quite stuffed from the seafood feast at Hua Yu Wee, I still insisted on going to the famous Bedok North Food Centre to try the 汤圆 (tang yuan) - yes, everyone knows how much I love tang yuan... possible due to the fact that I didn't have any when I was younger :)

First time I've been to this hawker centre and was totally wishing I wasn't so stuffed coz there was so much good food here! There's a very famous bak chor mee soup stall and the stall for chicken wings had a really long queue too...

Sigh, but had to be realistic and settled for just a bowl of tang yuan.

Not too bad! A pretty big bowl, the ginger soup had a decent kick to it and the tang yuan were not over-boiled. All for a mere $1.50! At least I think it was $1.50... I do remember it was a really low price :) This stall is relatively famous - they have quite a few articles and "certifcates" and while there wasn't a queue when I bought my dessert, one formed just minutes later!

Can't wait to come back here to try the other stalls!

75 花生汤圆
85 Bedok North Street 4

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Alicia said...

Coincidentally I just had some for dessert last night ... but the run-of-the-mill frozen ones from the Asian supermarket.