Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant

I am guaranteed a trip to a seafood restaurant whenever G & B are in town... our initial intention was to check out the very famous Eng Seng Restaurant Black Pepper Crab. The crazy thing about Eng Seng Restaurant, is that to be able to eat this apparently delicious black pepper crab, you have to get there at 4.30pm. Yes, I'm serious. And while we were making arrangements to meet there at that bizarre time, I found out that the place is closed on Wednesdays, and it being a Wednesday, we had to find somewhere else to indulge B's seafood cravings.

So we ended up here. This place seemed vaguely familiar... I probably came here to eat when I was a little kid, but it's still quite popular - even on a weekday, the place had a reasonable number of customers, including tourists. We sat outdoors where the lighting was less than desirable so the pictures are all pretty dark - apologies in advance!

We had Chilli Crab $39.60+ :

It was not bad but unspectacular. I was a bit surprised when the bill came and the crab cost more than what it would usually cost at the bigger establishments like Jumbo. Didn't make sense to me seeing how this is such a out of the way location... and the dish wasn't all that great...

We also had Baby Squid $12.00+ :

which again seemed to be a bit on the expensive side. B thought this was way too funky for his foriegn taste buds so G and I ended up having to eat all of it.

We tend to go overboard with the food coz B loves to eat seafood so much... we also had Black Pepper Crayfish $14.00+ :

and Sambal Mussels $8.00+ :

The food was only mediocre at best... actually, for these prices I would probably rather eat at Jumbo. Hmm, have to try to make another attempt at eating at Eng Seng...

Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant
462 Upper East Coast Road
Tel : 6241 1709 / 6442 9313

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Burpette said...

You have to get to Eng Seng earlier than 4.30pm!! When we were there at 4.30, the place was already packed and there was already a long queue!!! It's madness!! Only in Singapore will people queue at 4pm for crabs!!!