Monday, May 07, 2007

Miharu Sapporo Ramen

I've been here before but S hasn't so we decided to come for dinner one evening. There was a bit of a queue the last time I was here - this place is quite popular with the Japanese expats, but there isn't much of a queue on a weekday night.

I ordered the Miso Tonkotsu Ramen $12.50+++ -

Can't remember if I had this the last time I was here, but definitely remember the bowl of noodles being as big :o The noodles were the perfect springy-ness, totally unlike the crappy ramen you get at other cheap ramen places. The reason for the good quality ramen? There are imported all the way from Sapporo! The soup is miso-based, flavoured with sesame oil and garlic - I found it quite salty, so much so that it made me quite thirsty. It's a good thing the waitresses here are pretty efficient with topping-up my glass of water.

The last time I was here, we thought that the char siew would not be enough and ordered an extra portion of char siew - that turned out to be more than two people could finish. So this time I ordered the Gyoza $5.00++ instead -

which turned out to be pretty unspectacular.

S nearly always orders what sounds / looks like the most spicy ramen - which today turned out to be Chilli Miso Ramen $12.00+++ -

and as usual it never turns out being as spicy as it sounds / looks :)

The ramen here is not yummy enough for me to crave coming here to eat, but I will definitely keep this place in mind when I have a ramen craving.

Happy Birthday, S!

Miharu Sapporo Ramen
76 Robertson Quay
The Gallery Hotel
Tel : 6733 8464


S said...

hey I dun remember you liking the ramen so much! i do remember the saltiness tho :)

dot said...

i actually think this is the best ramen place i've been to - but only for the tonshio. agree on the saltiness tho.

Alicia said...

This looks AMAZING ... and what is dear Puiming doing commenting on a food blog, after those scare tactics about pregnancy puke analysis?!!!

dot said...

i can still handle food on blogs - hah! and must read cos esther keeps it so diligently updated :)

Esther said...

Puiming! u came to my blog twice in one day?? I'm so honoured :)

Yes, I think i'm pretty damned diligent... but *some* people keep complaining that I don't post often enough.

With the one year anniversary of my blog coming up, I just want to say thanks for all your support and readership :)

Anonymous said...

oooo, stumbled onto this place when staying at gallery hotel a nong nong time ago. springy noodles, efficient staff service, and a menu that depends on the flights from hokkaido.

you do realise its just round the corner from aburiya? the most awesomenest jap charcoal bbq ever?