Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I put this post under 'pub grub' as I couldn't think of how else to categorise this place. It's not a pub at all - rather it's an alfresco bar and restaurant. Besides the fine dining Japanese Restaurant on the second floor, the main area also serves an extensive menu of finger food and main meals.

Thanks to the fact that we had a pretty big group, we managed to get a taste of quite a few things. We ordered :

Prosciutto Ham-wrapped Asparagus $10+++

Baked Escargot in White Button Mushroom Shell $11+++

Crispy Potato Wedges with Tartar Sauce $6+++

Shrimp-paste and Cilantro Chicken Wing $10+++

and Tofu Fritters with Thai Peanut Butter Sauce $7+++

All the dishes were just ok. What I found pretty tasty was the Tofu Fritters. The sauce was a surprising mix of flavours that I later discovered to contain peanut butter! So it turns out I *do* like absolutely anything that has peanut butter in it...

For those who needed to have their carbs, we ordered two pizzas :

Seafood Mania (with marinated scallop, prawn, dory fish, squid ring & baby clam) $18+++

and the Mushroom-lover Pizza (with shimeji, shitake, white button, portobello and enoki musrooms) $15+++

I didn't like the pizzas much - mainly because the tomato sauce they used tasted like it came out of a bottle. Either they made a batch of not very tasty tomato sauce or they took the easy way out and really used tomato sauce from a bottle...

What I do like about this place is how it's so huge and sprawling that it never gets very crowded. With different areas having a different feel and ambience - whether you want to sit amongst the lush greenery and waterfall or the busy "place to be seen" bar area - this is surely a good place to chill out with friends.

Block 22 Dempsey Road
Opening Hours : Sun - Fri 6pm to 1am, Sundays & Saturday 6pm to 2am
Tel : 6475 0002

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