Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kushigin Japanese Restaurant

Me and my gal pals were in the area trying to decide where to eat for lunch and ended up here. This place specialises in yakitori as you will be able to tell from the yakitori-dominated menu. And apparently the chef is from Nanbantei, and is supposed to be relatively famous too (found this out on the makansutra forum)...

D ordered the Yakitori Bento $12.50+++ -

Look at how much food there is in this bento! And so reasonably priced too!

In comparison, my Gyu Yaki Set $15.00+++ looked kinda miserable...

but it tasted pretty good, and was really quite enough food for me.

G had the Saba Set $12.00+++ -

The food was generally quite good. I was kinda worried our clothes and hair would smell what with the open kitchen and the yakitori grill... but we made it out without any lingering smells.

Kushigin Japanese Restaurant
5 Koek Road
#01-01/02 Cuppage Plaza
Tel : 6238 6860


hxy said...

hmm... the yakitori bento looks very similar to the one at Nanbantei... down to the seaweed, mushrooms, and was there a little foil cup to hold the sauce? the chef probably transplanted it wholesale... no such thing as copyright in the food industry... :p

Burpette said...

The bento was very yummy, and reminded me a lot of the Nanbantei ones...thinking about it makes me hungry :P

Anonymous said...

Hi they have the same concept because they are under the same owner.