Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hong Kong Trip - Part II

Krispy Kreme
Everyone knows how much I love Krispy Kremes so I've been kept happy with a constant supply from people coming back from overseas... but nothing quite beats a "straight out of the fryer" fresh Krispy Kreme donut so the very first thing I did after landing in HK and checking in at the hotel, was to go straight to Krispy Kremes :)

Decided to go to the one near Central and could barely contain my excitement while taking the seemingly endless escalators up to Elgin Street. Probably my imagination but I thought I heard angels singing when I finally saw the store :o

Marched in and ordered one Original Glazed HK$10 (S$1.90) and finished eating it in seconds... I had at least one Krispy Kreme every day while I was there, and tried a new flavour too - see the Cinammon one below :

but Original Glazed is still the best :)

They have thematic ones too - here's the one designed specially for the HK7s, isn't it cute??

A new store opened in Mongkok and we happened to be there that night... and they were giving out free donuts! But we were so full from eating all that street food before that we decided not to have any. I'm sure you can imgaine how full I must have been to have turned down free Krispy Kremes...

Krispy Kreme @ Central
51 Elgin Street

Krispy Kreme @ Causeway Bay
63-71 Lee Garden Road

Krispy Kreme @ Times Square
B219-B220 Basement 2 Times Square
1 Matheson Street

Tsim Chai Kee
I read about this place on this blog - the blogger raved about the palm-sized wantons so I decided to look for this place.

And the wantons were seriously huge! Not quite palm-sized but pretty damned close to it...

This bowl of Wanton Noodles cost just HK$14 (S$2.70) - even cheaper than the street-side stall... and this place is very clean, air-conditioned and has friendly service too!

Am quite glad I bypassed the 'Anthony Bourdain-endorsed' Mak's Noodles to try this place. A truly satisfying meal at an amazingly low price. Another must-try if you're ever in HK!

Tsim Chai Kee
98 Wellington Street

Hang Fa Lau
While waiting for my friends to finish up shopping at H&M, I decided to get a seat here to rest for a while, and maybe have a light snack before lunch... But the menu is so extensive and I wanted to try everything!!! So, *ahem* it turned out to be a little more than a 'light snack' :P

I settled on Deep Fried Pork and Chives Wanton HK$20 (S$3.90),

a glass of Ice Tea (dong leng cha) HK$13 (S$2.50),

and I just had to try a dessert so I ordered Sesame Soup (jee mah hu) HK$15 (S$2.90).

Everything I tried was good, will definitely head back here the next time to try more of the stuff on the menu.

There are various branches all over HK Island but this particular one was at 34 Cochrane Street, along the Mid-level Escalators, near Wellington Street.

Still more Hong Kong eats on the way...

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