Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We walked past this place the last time we were at St James and it came to mind when Auds recently had a meat craving. It's a pretty small place and we managed to get the last available table. Seemed like we ordered a ton of food but ended up being quite manageble. For grilling, we ordered -

Marbled Beef $14.00+++

Beef Tongue $14.00+++

Combined Seafood $12.00+++

Australian Rack of Lamb $12.00+++

and Mixed Vegetables $5.00+++

It's self-grilling but the staff kept intefering, telling us to use the tongs and not the chopsticks to pick the food off the grill as the chopsticks would "melt". Huh?? I think something got lost in translation...

The food itself was only ok. Auds love weird meats hence the beef tongue. In the spirit of being adventurous, I tried it and it was f.u.n.k.y. A bit tough, and the whole time I was eating it I was thinking "I'm eating a cow's tongue"... Well, I can say "been there, done that" and think I can also add "never again" to it.

The rest of the stuff was not marinated as well as I expected and the dipping sauces were pretty plain. Also the portions were quite miniscule - considering the shrinkage that occurs with grilling.

When I saw the Enoki Mushroom Soup $5.00+++ on the menu, I just had to order it. It didn't look very appetizing, and really didn't taste all that good.

Even worse, we found a rubber band in one of the bowls -

Totally camouflaged! It's a good thing we spotted it... when we told the waitress about it, she just said "oh!" and cleared the bowl. I was totally stunned by her near non-reaction to it.

Not very good food, very unimpressive service... not much chance I'll come back here willingly. Oh well, chalk it up to experience.

The Station Kitchen
St James Power Station
3 Sentosa Gateway #01-11/15
Singapore 098544
Tel : 6376 8085


D said...

I found your blog whilst doing a search on Jang Shou. Will be checking it out tonight. I wonder how it'll stack up against Aunt Kim's and Ju Shin Jung. Keep up the good reviews!

dot said...

urgh, beef tongue. kisu loves it too, but i would never touch it!

Joe said...

I find I get less adventurous food-wise as I get older. Just looking at the tongue makes me cringe.. Even intestines and organs turn me off now, not to mention the visible bits..


Funny to find a vegetarian and meaty review back to back :)

Esther said...

Hehe, I was hoping that no one would notice that...

My posts are normally in chronological order, but because some photos were 'stuck' in a friend's camera, I re-ordered some of the posts and somehow these two ended up together. Funny eh? :P