Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sunflower Vegetarian (Closed)

I shop at Far East nearly every week and never even knew this place existed till a few months ago! It's got a pretty quirky arrangement of having the shop itself (where you place your orders and where the kitchen is) located separately from the dining area. Now on to the food!

I love the Sesame Tofu $3.50 (Small) here. It is fried to perfection then served in a thai-chilli type sauce.

I never fail to finish every crumb of this dish... even tried ordering the larger one before and totally finished it too :)

Another starter that's really good is the Potato Fingers $3.80 (Small). I never ordered this for the longest time coz it didn't look terribly appetizing, but on a particularly adventurous day I tried it and it was really quite good...

Cut open one of the potato fingers and you find it's mashed potato inside. Dip it in the surprisingly spicy chilli sauce and it's really yummy!

The other thing that I nearly always order here is the Fried Glass Noodles (Tang Hoon) $5.80.

I used to have vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast every Sunday and I've always liked glass noodles (tang hoon)... so this is the perfect combination to me - got the mock char siew and deep fried beancurd strips from the veggie bee hoon, fried with tang hoon... Love it!

I've also tried the Mee Goreng $5.80 -

Not quite spicy enough for me but I love the fact that it has deep fried beancurd strips.

If you're craving something soupy, the Glass Noodles Soup $6.50 is pretty good too -

Like I mentioned in my HK posts, as long as it has enoki in it, I'm happy!

Got plenty of other ramen and pasta dishes that I haven't got round to trying it yet...

Sunflower Vegetarian
14 Scotts Road
#05-120 & #05-27
Far East Plaza
Tel : 6737 2854

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dot said...

hello, just to know i still read your blog faithfully! (plus it's the only one that's regularly updated!)i've passed by this place before and thought it looked interesting but never tried.