Friday, March 30, 2007

Mongkok Dim Sum / Beef Kway Teow

I was feeling hungry after a night of partying so I dragged B out for supper. We ended going to Geylang for beef kway teow as I haven't had it in like forever.

Thank goodness we managed to get a parking lot right outside the coffeeshop as firstly the parking situation around here is always horrendous, and secondly, you don't really want to be walking around this area, especially late at night - the prostitutes are all around parading their 'wares'...

The original beef kway teow stall is across the street at the corner of Lorong 9, but I think the brother or uncle or someone like that opened up this stall. We ordered a plate of Beef Kway Teow for $10 -

I love the gravy that this dish is smothered in... and the fact that the beef slices are super tender. The two of us managed to finish this despite the fact that we ordered dim sum as well!

If there's dim sum available, I cannot help but order Siew Mai -

Anybody who's ever had dim sum with me knows how much I lurve Siew Mai... and the ones here were not bad.

We also ordered Chee Cheong Fun...

And Seafood Beancurd Roll...

We were so stuffed after all that food. Whatever calories I worked off from dancing earlier in the night was definitely replaced with this meal :) Can't wait to have the beef kway teow again!

Mongkok Dim Sum
214 Geylang Road (Lorong 8)
Tel : 6841 5133
Operating Hours : Mon - Fri 3pm-5am / Sat 12pm-5am / Sun 10am-4am

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