Friday, March 23, 2007

Green on Earth Café

I read about this place and thought of checking it out... until I found out the location - Beauty World!?! Anyone who's familiar with the shopping centres in this area will understand my apprehension... but it was on a particularly adventurous day that I decided make the trip here.

Walking through the building, you feel like you're in a time warp - nothing has changed here the last 20 years... So it's a real surprise when get to the top of the escalator and first see this cafe - the zen decor and airy ambience is such a stark difference from everything else in this building!

That's a picture of one of the walls :)

I love anything spicy so of course I had to try the Thai Tom Yum Bee Hoon (brown rice bee hoon cooked in tom yum paste $5.50) -

I liked this a lot - it had just a touch of tom yum spiciness.

Healthy Kuay Teow (kuay teow sauteed with organic shoyu and topped with julienne vegetables $5.50) sounded like a total oxymoron so of couse I had to try it -

Of course it's not going to have the full-on taste of char kuay teow, but it's really not as bland as it looks...

The Thai Tofu Cakes were not that great - and such a small portion for $4!

We also ordered Roulade of Julienne Vegetables (Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls $5) -

All the veg in this was raw, which wasn't quite what I expected... but it was quite good, only thing that bothered me was that it was pretty messy to eat.

We just had to take a photo from this angle... don't the ones with the lettuce sticking out look like little trees? :)

Worth the trip out the boondocks, I reckon - the food is cheap, good and extremely healthy.

Green on Earth Café
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#04-03 Beauty World Centre
Tel : 6468 4748

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