Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Westlake Restaurant

This place is a real institution - it's been here for yonks, and what they are famous for is the Kong Bak Pau (braised pork with buns). I have vague memories of this place so it's likely I've been here before when I was a kid... but it came up recently during a conversation with an old friend, B (who turns out to be quite the foodie!)... so I figured it was time for a revisit.

The Kong Bak Pau comes in servings of 5 or 10. Apparently if another friend (who lurves the kong bak pau) had joined us, we would have ordered the bigger serving, but since it was just the four of us, and there were other dishes, 5 was quite sufficient...

It cost $11++ for 5 paus. Haven't had Kong Bak Pau in a long time so this quite hit the spot. It wasn't too fatty so I actually ate the whole thing without peeling off the layer of fat... but this is quite filling and I could only manage one.

We also ordered Xiao Long Bao $6++ -

and Guo Tie $6++ -

B *has* to order both everytime he's here - despite the fact that the owner has told him before that the filling is exactly the same... The xiao long bao surprisingly tastes much better than it looks, and the guo tie was not bad too.

The Long Beans $10++ had these unidentifiable cripsy bits in it that made this dish really good - normally it's dried shrimp, but I'm not entirely sure that's what it was here. I'm not a big fan of long beans but ate quite a bit of this...

The Fried Noodles $4++ were good too!

Good and cheap food in an unassuming environment... the Kong Bak Pau alone is worth a visit!

Westlake Restaurant
4 Queen's Road
Tel : 6474 7283

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