Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ming Kee Live Seafood

The trip here was at Sandy's request - she read about this place on Chubby Hubby's blog. This place is supposed to be famous for it's crab bee hoon but Sandy was leaving for the UK and just could not leave the country for a year without having Chilli Crab one last time -

At $38 per kg, this 1.3kg crab cost $49.40. It was fresh with lots of flesh so can't complain... the chilli sauce was unremarkable though. But we still had it with fried buns (man tou) :)

We also had Sweet and Sour Fish $12 -

and Home-style Tofu $8 -

Seemed a bit of a waste to deep fry such fresh fish to make the sweet and sour fish... the beancurd was pretty soft and very tasty. Way way WAY too much food for two girls, but we did a pretty decent job of finishing up most of it :)

The food was pretty decent, but after reading Chubby Hubby's post on how good the Crab Bee Hoon was, I think I'll have to make a trip back here to try it soon...

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Tel: 6747 4075

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Anonymous said...

One year is definitely too long! Already craving tze char, laksa, mee pok etc etc. AND IT'S NOT EVEN 2 MONTHS YET!:) definitely in withdrawal... well, if u don't get to try the crab bee hoon before I get back(though I think that's highly unlikely!) I would be most happy to go try it with u whenI'm back over Christmas!