Friday, October 19, 2007


Yes, I went to Hooters of my own free will :)

The problem with Clarke Quay is that the restaurants there are not particularly good and not particularly cheap. Dining at Clarke Quay is more about experience / theme dining than good food. Decided to go to Hooters coz I haven't eaten here in a looong time and well, it's relatively cheap compared to the other places in Clarke Quay...

We weren't that hungry so just ordered the Sampler Platter $34.90+++ and Curly Fries $3.90+++ to share :

The Sampler Platter didn't look like much but we were pretty stuffed when we were done - it had prawns (relatively big and fresh), crab legs (I always feel it's not worth the effort), buffalo shrimps (supposed to be in some special sauces but it was pretty plain) and some wings... the wings were pretty plain tasting, I kinda expected something spicy. I nearly always order curly fries when I see it, but these were plain too - drowned them in chilli sauce.

All in all, the food is nothing to shout about but it was a decent meal. Just try not to get too annoyed with the girls in tight tops and short shorts speaking unintelligibly...

3D River Valley Road
#01-03 Shophouse Row
Clarke Quay Singapore 179023
Tel : 63321090


dot said...

hey, kisu and I go to hooters quite often for their wings! we find the wings quite good, actually - we order the ones where you can specify the level of spiciness..

Esther said...

Yah, I think we should have ordered the proper wings too... hmm, now I have a craving for wings! :P

Burpette said...

Hooters got $10 set lunch. Not bad value for money coz you get soup, main and drink. That's the only time you'll find me at Hooters :)