Thursday, October 25, 2007

Margarita's (Dempsey)

It was Ennie's birthday and she requested to eat at Margarita's at Dempsey... which made it the 4th place I tried at Tanglin Village.

The punctual ones (including me, of course) were getting hungry so ordered Nachos $15.90++ and Potato Wedges $5.00++ to snack on first -

I love nachos - a huge cheesy mess! And the wedges were good too - but that's likely coz we were hungry :)

We also ordered for starters Deep Fried Jalapeno Peppers $18.00++ -

I went for the smallest one, thinking I didn't want a big portion... and boy, did I regret it! The smallest jalapeno pepper was also the hottest one! :O While everyone else ate their's without much trouble, my mouth was on fire the moment I had a bite of mine. I had Uncle Leong taste a bit of mine to verify that mine was hotter than everyone else's... but it was really good though! Just don't ever take the smallest one.

For the main course, I had the Fish Burrito $19.90++ which came recommended by some reviewers on hungrygowhere -

And it was as good as they raved about... never had fish burrito before and it's a nice change from the usual meaty burritos - it was tasty and went well with all the usual stuff that goes in a burrito :)

The Kitchen Sink Burrito $19.90++ -

well, not that you can see it, but it had everything including the kitchen sink in it :) I love that name!

The many bad reviews in hungrygowhere are totally true - it was not easy getting service (but the food came pretty fast), and the place gets amazingly noisy. The food was not too bad but I think I prefer the food at Café Iguana - and it's got better ambience and service too!

Do make reservations if you intend to try this place, they are packed even on a weekday night.

Margarita's (Dempsey)
11 Dempsey Road
#01-19 Tanglin Village
Tel: 6471 3228


dot said...

we're going this weekend (kisu's a big mexican food fan), so thanks for the tip on the jalapeno peppers - that was quite funny!

Esther said...

I don't think it's called jalapeno peppers on the menu but I'm sure u can find it easily enough. I definitely recommend the fish burrito.

Be prepared for the noise - it gets seriously noisy...

Have fun!