Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Zi Yean Restaurant

Actually ate here a while back but photos got lost in transit so decided to make a trip back here. This place is pretty famous with quite a few people touting it as one of the best dim sum places in Singapore.

There are three sections to this place - there is a coffeeshop, an alfresco area and an air-conditioned restaurant. All serve the same food and I think the prices are the same but GST is charged in the restaurant. Having sat at the alfresco area the last time, we decided to try the air-con (yay!) area this time...

Before I start on the food, check out the erm, interesting chopstick holder -

So tacky right??

Now for the food... we had the Century Egg Porridge $4.50+ :

Pretty normal but good... goes perfect with dim sum :)

This is the first time I've had Shredded Yam Cake $2.50+ :

Interesting and not like any other dim sum I've ever had. Would have tasted much better if it came straight out of the pan, but it was at room temperature, like it had been sitting there for a while already... very filling though.

Of course we have to order a few classic dim sum dishes so we went with Har Gow $2.50+ :

Char Siew So $2.60+ :

and Prawn Chee Cheong Fun $2.60+ :

The dim sum were all ok, but really nothing to rave about... I think what bothered me most was how the food wasn't hot enough... won't be planning a trip back anytime soon but will keep it in mind for a quick weekday lunch.

I didn't have very good dim sum on my recent trip to HK so I'm totally craving some now... Please let me know if you have recommendations for good (and not too expensive) dim sum in Singapore!

Zi Yean Restaurant
56 Lengkok Bahru


Anonymous said...

hey i don't think the porridge was 9.00 each.. that would be too expensive, I think we each had one so maybe 4.50 each?


Esther said...

oops, you're right... post edited. thanks!