Monday, September 17, 2007

Siem Reap Trip

Was in Siem Reap in July for just two days... and nearly wanted to skip posting about the food I had there coz Cambodian food really wasn't that great. Well, Siem Reap is mostly a tourist town (everyone is there just to see Angkor Wat) so the food is likely not all that authentic... and in the short time I was there, I was more preoccupied with covering all the sights than I was trying the local food.

But there was a good and cheap restaurant along the main stretch of restaurants along Pub Street called Soup Dragon. The menu is a mix of Khmer, Vietnamese and Western cuisine. Decided to adventurous and tried some local fare...

It was a bit of a mystery how the dishes would turn out based on the name of the dish. For example, Prahoc Sauce with Minced Pork US$4 turned out to be this -

It tasted mostly like a Thai curry would, and had bits of pork with bits of fish - weird combination right?

Also ordered the Omelette Trey Pra Ma US$2 -

I can't remember what the description in the menu actually said, but there was definitely some mention of an ingredient in the omelette being "strong-smelling" so I was quite hesistant when the dish arrived... but the "strong-smelling" ingredient turned out to be salted fish. It had a pretty strong smell and taste, but nothing I wasn't used to :)

Also ordered the Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls for just US$2 -

Soup Dragon
#369 Group 6 Mondol 1
Siem Reap
Tel : 063 964 933

It was a short trip but I was quite pleased coz I got to see all the things I wanted to see. Started putting the photos up on but erm, it's still a work in progess... so until I've finished doing up those photos, here are a few as a preview...

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