Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tang Yuan with Ginger Soup

I have this unreal obsession with tang yuan... actually pretty much anything of similar consistency - onde onde, mochi, ang ku kueh etc. After being convinced that it's really not that hard to make, I embarked on the adventure of making my very own tang yuan.

Exact measuresments are quite non-existent for making tang yuan, believe me I tried searching on the internet. But having made some myself, I kinda understand why.

Anyway here are the vague instructions :
(1) Add water to glutinous rice flour - enough water to make the dough into a kneadable consistency
(2) Roll into balls of desired size.
(3) Drop the tang yuan one by one into a pot of boiling water. Take the tang yuan out of the pot once they float.
(4) Slice up some ginger and boil in a pot of water, adding sugar to taste.
(5) Put the tang yuan in a bowl of ginger soup and...

Voila! Homemade Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup -

Aren't my little balls of tang yuan just so pretty??

Next challenge will be to make tang yuan with fillings... or maybe even try making onde onde (as the recipe is nearly exactly the same).


dot said...

very nicely made! i love all that chewy stuff as well...if you make onde onde, please post! do you like muah chee too?!

Esther said...

Of course I love muah chee too! :)