Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant

This is the first of four posts of eating places in Tanglin Village. When I got there, I felt like I was so out of touch coz I had no idea this hip and happening had popped up... then found out that it was really quite new, and I'm quite pleased that I've managed to check out so many places already :)

With 7 of us and a prior reservation, we were given a private room which was spacious and had a nice ambience. But it was a real pain having to constantly open the door to get service - only on the rare occasion did they come into the room without us calling them...

As for the food, we ordered dishes to share so I managed to try quite a range of the food here. For the skewers we ordered, (from left to right) Asupara $3.00+++, Enoki Bacon $4.00+++, Buta Kakuni (Grilled Pork) $4.00+++ :

I never fail to order any skewers with enoki in it, and it never disappoints... don't ask me why I love enoki so much - I just do :) The menu was pretty clear in stating that the price was for just one skewer so we knew what to expect, but I think it's a bit overpriced - $3.00+++ for four small pieces of asparagus??

The Tempura Moriawase $18.00+++ was pretty good...

and while still expensive, seems more worth the price than the skewers.

Having had an amazing Tofu Mentai at Kura No Naka, I was quite eager to try the Tofu Mentaiko Cheese $13.00+++ here :

It looked totally different from the one at Kura No Naka and tasted totally different too... it was rich in its own way but nowhere as cheesy as the one at Kura No Naka. Not a dish I would order again here...

An odd dish that we tried was the Tebasaki Bacon Age $9.00+++ :

In case you can't tell from the picture, it's actually a deboned chicken wing, with asparagus wrapped in bacon in the place of the bone. A bizarre combination right? But I quite liked it...

For a taste of sushi, we ordered the Hana Nigiri $36.00+++ :

and Spicy Soft Shell Crab Maki $12.00+++

The nigiri was gorgeous to look at and tasted pretty fresh. The Spicy Soft Shell Crab Maki was ordered mostly for the still starving guys - Jap food is so not for men :)

This place was pricey as expected for a more 'authentic' Japanese restaurant, and the staff need to be trained to check in on the private rooms more often. While the food was ok, it's not good enough for me to want to come back anytime soon. That plus the parking situation at Tanglin Village is a real pain...

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
10 Dempsey Road
#01-22 S247700
Tel : 6474 2143

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