Monday, July 16, 2007

Hyang to Gol

I love Korean food... but unlike most Singaporeans, my favourite Korean dishes are not anything BBQ'd but rather it's kimchi and soondubu (spicy tofu stew). My love for Korean food is all thanks to Janelle, who first introduced me to soondubu when I visited her in LA in 2001. Since then it's been a neverending search for good Korean food in Singapore...

Puiming told me that the food at this restaurant is not bad, and since her husband, Kisu, is Korean-American, I think her opinion is definitely to be trusted :)

I love it when all the side dishes are served... somehow the table is never big enough to hold all the dishes and it always spills over to the next table! The dishes here were just ok... I think the best selection I've had so far is at Ju Shin Jung.

For the BBQ we ordered Yangnyeom Galbi (Marinated Prime Rib) $30+++. Here it is all laid out on the hot plate bbq -

And here it is nearly cooked -

The meat was quite yummy. What bothered me was the obviously non-Korean staff working there. The waitress who took our order was Chinese (as in from China) and repeated our orders in Chinese. She was obviously a trainee and was fumbling while laying the beef on the grill... thank goodness another more experienced waitress took over from her.

We also ordered Gochujang Samgyeopsal (Chilli-paste marinated Pork) $22.00+++ -

And it wasn't as spicy as it looks.

Of course I had to order Soondubu Jigae $13.00+++ -

It's been a while since I had authentic soondubu so I can't say for sure how good this was, but it was spicy, and lots of ingredients in it and served piping hot, it's such comfort food.

The place looked expensive from outside but the prices were reasonable for Korean food. We ended eating so much that we were still quite stuffed the next day. The food was good, but not spectacularly so... if I need a Korean food fix, I'll probably go to Ju Shin Jung instead.

Hyang To Gol Korean Restaurant
165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Level 2 Amara Hotel
Tel : 6220 7160

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