Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brown Sugar Bistro Café (closed)

I decided to organise another Girl's Night Out and took the opportunity to try out Brown Sugar Café Bistro. Kinda forgot about this place after I read about it months ago, and came across it again when I was surfing HungryGoWhere - which is one of my favourite sites for reviews on eating places.

This restaurant is located in Stardus Clubhouse along River Valley Road, a most unlikely location for a restaurant... which surely brings to mind Wild Rocket, which is similarly located in an unusual location. Despite the compound having a small car park, none of us had trouble getting a lot.

It's a pretty small place, so if you do decide to come here, you have to make reservations. The decor is sleek and simple and the ambience chicly soothing.

We ordered two starters to share :

The Deconstructed Apple Salad $13.00+++ was further deconstructed when the stack fell as the waiter laid the plate on the table. He was suitably apologetic about toppling the stack but we decided to just take it as it is... the apple slices went well with the rocket leaves, walnuts and wedges of brie.

We also ordered the Foie Gras with Strawberry and Banana Compote $25.00+++ :

We were all pleasantly surprised by the amount of foie gras that was in the dish. We were expecting maybe one piece but there were four pieces! And each one was seared to "melt in your mouth" perfection.

For the main course, I had one of the Specials of the Day - Pan Seared Scallop $20.00+++ :

The scallops were amazingly fresh and tender. Looked like a really small portion with only five scallops but I felt it was a reasonable portion for that price.

Karen had the Duck Breast with Celeraic Puree and Raisin Jus $24.00+++ -

which she was quite unimpressed by...

Puiming had the Cod with Squid Ink Pasta $26.00+++ -

which she didn't like very much either...

and Meips had the Wagyu Burger #28.00+++ -

which I took a bite of and it wasn't very good. Not tasty and for some reason, cold... like it had been sitting in the kitchen for a while before being served.

After the amazing starters, we were slightly let down by the mediocre main courses. But we could not end a Girl's Night Out without having dessert and proceeded to order a few things to share...

The Chocolate Fondant $12.00+++ was pretty normal... I guess we're all kinda over this dessert already...

The Pear Tarte with Fig and Honey Ice-cream $12.00+++ was the second most popular dessert of the three that we ordered :

But the best dessert and pretty much everyone's favourite dish of the day was the Sticky Date Pudding. There is no picture of it as silly me accidentally erased it! In any case, it's quite an ugly dessert so the picture is not going to add to its appeal. I've never had authentic Sticky Date Pudding so I have no idea what it's actually supposed to taste like, but I can tell you this much - this dessert is yummy. As proof of that, it was the first dessert that we finished :)

The girls insisted that I make a mention of the service here so here it is. The service was inconsistent - one waiter was attentive but in general it was a bit difficult getting service, which is odd since this is quite a small place. The staff likely need more training... a bit silly to topple an apple stack, don't u think?

But the desserts are definitely worth the trip, so do try this place out.

Brown Sugar Bistro Café
277 River Valley Road
#01-04 Stardus Clubhouse
Singapore 238318
Tel: 6333 6612


Anonymous said...

and the waitress who kept removing our drinks before we were done!!!


Yuan said...

Hi Esther, thank you very much for your blog and comments, which I will share with the rest of my staff and chefs so that we can continue to improve on what we do.

Puiming, please let me know more about your experience so I can follow up on it. Much appreciated!

I can be reached on:

Warmest regards,

Yuan Oeij