Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yogi Hub (Madras Street Outlet)

It was on a Sunday afternoon that I decided to come here for lunch. A bit scary to venture to Little India on a Sunday but this place is pretty much on the outskirts so I wasn't too worried. My strategy was to park in the Tekka Mall car park (entrance along Dalhousie Lane) and take a very short walk to the restaurant. Quite a successfuly strategy as we encountered only a handful of the 'locals'...

The restaurant is really like an oasis and it's totally incongruous with its surroundings. The simple white theme makes it stand out from the older duller buildings around it, and the aircon was a welcome respite from the overwhelming heat.

Besides food from the menu, there are also Daily Specials which are written on the chalkboard just next to the entrance. From the Daily Specials, we ordered the La Mian $8.80 -

The la mian was slightly overcooked and had a bit of a slimy texture. But the soup was yummy... it looks clear and thin, but there's a hint of chilli that kicks in very unexpectedly. And I love radish in soup...

The Soup of the Day $3.80 was Pumpkin Soup -

It tasted ok but I was surprised by how big the serving was.

My favourite dish here was the Pineapple Brown Rice $7.80 -

I'm not a big fan of brown rice but I loved this! Besides the pieces of pineapple, there were also little crunchy fried bits... while eating, I described it as a little party in every bite :) The many flavours and textures totally distracted me from the taste of the brown rice... I'm so having it the next time I'm here.

A bit out of the way but it's got nice ambience and tasty food. Hmm, I need to go back again soon...

Yogi Hub (Madras Street Outlet)
16 Madras Street
Tel : 6298 8198


D said...

When I first read "la mian" I was thinking Chinese la mien... but this looks just like some soup or something. C'mon venture into little india it's heaps fun, I go there all the time =D

Esther said...

Oh, it is la mian! It's just that the noodles are covered by all the ingredients :)

I find it quite scary to go to Little India - driving there is scary, parking there is scary... and not to mention the hordes of people! but agreed that I should check it out some time.