Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yet Con

Had a craving for Korean and wanted to go to Jeju but it was full *Sigh* Wandered along Purvis Street and ended up eating at Yet Con instead... it more than made up for missing out on Korean food :)

Talk about old school - walking into this place makes you feel like you've walked into a time warp... everything looks like it's straight out from the 70s! This is a family-run establishment so everyone who works there is at least 60 years old.

We were not too sure how the seating goes... Luckily the guy in front of us was in the know - he said that whoever comes first just gets the next available table. So an informal queue forms around the entrance and you basically seat yourself. We were there at 7pm and didn't have to wait too long for a table - the turnover's pretty fast.

Here's what we ordered - steamboat (beef and seafood) and chicken rice for two persons. Everything was good! The beef cooked in the steamboat was tender and tasty despite the seeming lack of seasoning. The seafood plate consisted of fish, squid, cockles and prawns - all very fresh. I tried drinking the soup after we had finish eating and it was face-scrunchingly salty from all the stuff we'd put in it :D

The chicken was good too but I could not stop eating the chicken rice - could be because I haven't had chicken rice in a long time, but this one just tasted amazing! The chilli was surprisingly non-spectacular though...

We ate till we were totally stuffed and had to literally roll ourselves out the door. All for a grand total of $27! Plenty of other tze-char dishes on the menu to try the next time. Just have to remember not to mind the surly old folk working there... and they may be a little slow but they do get the job done.

Yet Con
25 Purvis Street
Tel : 6337 6819

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Karen M said...

I think "face-scrunchingly" salty does get the message across. I got the sng sng feel at the back of my mouth and tingles at my hair roots from reading that!