Monday, August 07, 2006

Honjin Japanese Restaurant

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Erm, it's Japanese again :P

In a bid to be even more objective about Ikoi being my favourite Japanese buffet, I went to try yet another Japanese buffet. Have heard good things about this place from a few people so I thought it might be worth a try...

The menu is pretty similar to the other Japanese buffets but with less variety than Ikoi. We started off with Kani Maki (Soft-shell crab maki). Picture turned out a bit blur so decided not to use it :P

Then we ordered a plate of Sake (Salmon) and Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi, Ebi Tembura and Teppanyaki Beef.

It's kinda bizarre that the Hamachi turned out looking pinkish but it's actually white in colour. Have to check the settings on my camera...

Next order, Maguro (Tuna), Salmon and Hamachi Sashimi, more Ebi Tempura, Maguro Maki and a plate of Teppanyaki Vegetables - such a feeble attempt at having a balanced diet :D

All in all the food was pretty ok - the sashimi was fresh and I liked that there was ice-cream included in the buffet. But my vote for best Japanese buffet still goes to Ikoi. More variety of dishes, better quality food and more complimentary dishes.

But if you're in the Raffles Place area, this is a pretty decent buffet to try. Dinner buffet at $32+++.

Honjin Japanese Restaurant
140 Robinson Road
#01-00 Chow House
Tel : 6222 2243

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