Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long Beach UDMC Seafood Restaurant

This is the second time this month that I'm having seafood... and, erm, I'll be having seafood again one more time before the month is up :P

Someone told me that crab is high in cholesterol and I was bit concerned with the excessive crab consumption this month, so I checked out the Health Promotion Board website for the actual nutritional value.

One whole crab served Black Pepper Style has 114mg of cholesterol... half the amount of cholesterol in a plate of Char Kuay Teow! So not that high really, considering I eat Char Kuay Teow more often than I eat Black Pepper Crab. Just slightly depressing knowing how unhealthy most local foods are so check the website out at your own peril!

In any case, it's all about moderation right?? :P

So anyway, back to the food... of course we had Black Pepper Crab - the must-have dish at Long Beach.

It was nice and peppery, but really not that different from the one I had at Jumbo...

We had Chilli Crab too and the sauce was really yummy. What I was really happy about was that the Fried Mantou were not like the dinky little ones they have at No Signboard and Jumbo, but they were bigger ones that were much better to wipe up the sauce with.

And my other favourite seafood dish - Deep Fried Sotong Kia! Hmm... what is it called in English... Deep Fried Baby Squid? I love the crunchiness of the deep fried sotong and the black sweet sauce it's fried in goes amazingly well with it.

Was going to say that I've had more than enough crab to last me a long time but my sister was just telling me about this place in Ang Mo Kio that has the most delicious Butter Pepper Crab :D

Long Beach UDMC Seafood Restaurant
1202 East Coast Parkway
#01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre
Tel : 6448 3636


Joe said...

Butter pepper crab ? That sounds just a little bit wrong. Maybe I'm a purist :P

Esther said...

The butter pepper crab is from this place called Melben near AMK Ave 3 - one of those places that you have to wait at least 45 mins for your food, and the staff can be really rude too. But the crabs here are so good that people just keep coming...

My sister just ate there last nite and cannot stop raving about the butter pepper crab. I would love to try it, but just had crabs for the third time this month so maybe not just yet :)

Karen M said...

Hey, the deep fried sotong kia is my fave too! But since Ray is not fond of fried seafood, I always have to give it a miss. :( Next time, we should go together!!

Esther said...

sotong kia can eat anywhere, doesn't have to be seafood place! had some at gluttons bay last week from the bbq seafood stall that had a thick sweet sauce that was really yummy!