Friday, July 25, 2008


We decided to be adventurous one day and venture into Little India on a Saturday night for dinner. Thank goodness for an open-air car park just a street away from the restaurant :D

The restaurant definitely stood out from its neighbours in the row of shophouses. The ground floor looks casual, the walls full of grafitti left behind by previous customers (mostly international bagpackers). But do take off your shoes and go upstairs to the resturant proper. As there's namecard says, it's bare foot dining here :)

There's a just a few tables upstairs, with no seats... sit on the floor! A bit uncomfortable especially for those of us with longer legs, but you get used to it after a while.

We started with the Vegetarian Pakoras $6 -

Sorry for the blurry photos, lighting wasn't that great. The pakoras were just ok, nothing to rave about.

I had a mixed reaction when the dishes we ordered turned up -

The dishes are, starting from the very green Palak Paneer $7.50, going anti-clockwise : Butter Chicken $8, Spicy Aubergines $8, Butter Fish $15 and Saffron Rice $8.

My first thought was - what a lovely way to present the dishes! Second thought - what small portions! But not surprising from the more atas (high class) Indian restaurants though, it tends to be small portions for pretty steep prices.

The food itself was pretty average... I don't really understand why people like Palak Paneer - it's green and the spinach is so mushed up that you can't even recognise it as spinach! I don't hate it, just don't understand why so many people like it and order it. The Butter Chicken and Butter Fish were not that bad, not quite spicy enough for my liking. The Saffron Rice was quite good though.

Of course we ordered naan to go with the food : Garlic Naan $2, Chilli Cheese Naan $5 -

As usual more naan than we could finish...

I liked the ambience of this place but the food was just mediocre. Just be prepared for some leg cramps from sitting on the floor :)

6 Upper Dickson Road
Tel : 6296 1215

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