Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Es Teler 77 Juara

Sis and I were looking for a simple lunch at Far East Plaza and she suggested this place - her friend had brought her here before coz the chilli was supposed to be damn shiok :D

We each ordered a Fried Chicken Rice Set $5.50 -

The chicken was not really fried... when you say fried chicken, I kinda expect something with a crispy skin. More grilled I think, but still not bad - tender and tasty. And the chilli was as shiok as anticipated. Very spicy, a little bit salty... I ended up eating both mine and my sister's portions :D

We also tried the Sio May $2.50 coz I'm always a sucker for siew mai -

But this was yuck! Chewy with no meat in it, and with a satay like sauce. Very similar to those siew mai like things I see at streetside stalls in Hong Kong that are not really siew mai.

Definitely a no-frills place, service was quick but that was probably because we were there early and there wasn't a crowd. The food was ok (chilli was good) and other things on the menu might be worth a try - decent option for a quick, simple meal.

Es Teler 77 Juara
14 Scotts Road
#05-82 Far East Plaza
Tel: 6734 0656


Anonymous said...

oooo u shld try the ayam penyet place in lucky plaza! the chilli is super spicy and the chicken is yummm.

cant remember the name. take the escalator fr the food court up to the 1st floor. the ayam penyet shop is next to the prata shop.

Joe Yap said...

Hey! There's one of these places across the road from my office!

I've never tried it, but you know what... even though after reading your review and guessing that it's gonna be an un-rewarding experience, I'm gonna give it a try anyway.

It's just a matter of having low expectations.

I'll even try the pretend-fried chicken so we can compare notes :D

Esther said...

Go try lah, the chilli is really quite yums... just DO NOT try the sio may, totally yucky!

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know that is how Indonesian "siew mai" is - chewy, and served with a peanut sauce. Guess it's not the kind of siew mai Singaporeans are used to. The siew mai is actually made of fish paste, something like Singapore's fish cake! :) But of course, you can find better siew mai in Indonesia.