Monday, July 07, 2008

Different Taste Cafe and Restaurant (Frankel Avenue)

One reason why I think I make a lousy food blogger (besides the fact that I'm so slow at updating this blog :P) - is that I'm not the kind to order lots of dishes at restaurants. The size of my stomach has shrunk considerably with age, and also so as not to have any wastage of food, I tend to just order enough food. Which makes me a lousy food blogger coz for you it means a review of a limited number of dishes for each restaurant...

So I normally jump at the chance to try out a place with a group of people where we can order a whole heap of dishes :D

We came here for dinner one evening, and ordered a whole lot of food for four people. Lost the receipt so no prices will be listed, but the prices are around the prices of other tze char places. Sorry!

One of the more famous dishes here is the Curry Fish Head -

It was not bad - fish was fleshy and fresh, lots of ingredients in the curry (I love ladies' fingers and pineapple in fish head curry) and it had the right amount of spicy and sour.

Another childhood favourite tze char dish of mine is Prawn Roll (Hae Zo) -

Nothing to rave about here, it was just ok.

The Sweet & Sour Pork Rib was similarly decent -

The Crispy Chicken in Thai Chilli Sauce was a dish recommended by the waiter -

which turned out to be reasonably good.

I normally don't order egg dishes at restaurants coz it just seems silly to pay such a premium for something as simple as egg, but I'm always happy when someone else orders it and I get to share in it too :D We ordered Egg Fu Yong - yay, egg!

And for a balanced meal, we had a token vegetable dish -

The food here was mediocrely average. Except for the food being served very quickly, service was otherwise pretty bad, and they don't serve free water. Strange that they are so crowded despite it being a weekday night. I guess this is a pretty good alternative for people who stay in the neighbourhood and are looking for tze char food nearby. But I wouldn't make a trip just to eat here.

Different Taste Cafe and Restaurant (Frankel Avenue)
111 Frankel Avenue
Frankel Estate
Tel: 6241 6518

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