Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jumbo Seafood (Riverside Point)

Alicia and Stefan were back for a visit in December... and Stefan loves our local food, especially seafood. Alicia, despite being a pescatarian, is not a big fan of seafood - especially those that change colour when cooked :) So we always organise makan outings just so that Stefan gets to eat his favourite Singaporean (seafood) dishes. Which is how we ended up at Jumbo Seafood - for the Black Pepper and Chilli Crabs!

The Black Pepper Crab $39.60++

and Chilli Crab $39.60++

were both pretty average. Like I said before, I haven't had a really good pepper or chilli crab in ages and would welcome any recommendations...

We also had Drunken Prawns $32.50++,

Steamed Soon Hock $39.00++,

and Baby Squid $15.00++.

Again, all very average. The soon hock and prawns were quite fresh though...

The Beancurd Special $12.00++ was pretty yummy, but not vegetarian (which we thought it would be).

We requested for the Hong Kong Noodles $12.00++ to be cooked without meat for the pescatarian in the house -

It was still good without meat - but really I always like Hong Kong Noodles :)

We were all terribly amused by the bib so I just had to take a picture of Stefan wearing the bib -

It's on request only so do ask for it :D

Always a safe option when craving the old favourites but really very average food.

Thanks for the treat, Alicia and Stefan!

Jumbo Seafood (Riverside Point)
30 Merchant Road
#01-01/02 Riverside Point
Tel: 6532 3435


M. said...

What a coincidence! I had yummy crabs twice last month - black pepper @ Le Wai Tian (near Eunos) and chili crabs @ blk 34 whampoa drive kopitian tze char. You can try those and let me know what you think.

Alicia said...

bloody hell, i'm getting suan-ed on your blog i see! ;) of course dear ste thought the sun and moon about jumbo because he's only ever had a limited sampling of local seafood. but we can always try to broaden his horizons next time ... though the deep fried tofu MUST be pesce next time, grrr ...

blu said...

I'd recommend the chili crab at No Signboard Seafood at the esplanade. but only that outlet, not elsewhere. And i always like the pepper crab at eng seng coffeeshop at still road.

Joseph Yap said...

Red Door (?) or Lantern (?) Xiao Hong Lo I think the chinese name is. (Gee, I sound like Yoda.. Yesss). At the UDMC (or whatever it's called now) seafood centre near Laguna.

Anyway, that was Shirley and my one indulgence during our last trip back. Chilli crab and mantou for dinner.

Also, how is tofu not pescatarian ? I'm not sure I'd admonish the slaughter of countless soy sprouts for culinary pleasure, not to mention nutritional value.

(Ok ok. I have to assume it's egg batter)

Esther said...

I recently did the crazy eat pepper crabs at 5pm at Eng Seng Restaurant thing - the pepper sauce was quite yummy, sweet and peppery :)

The tofu was not VEGETARIAN lah... it had crab or prawn bits in it and dearest Alicia is a pescatarian who hates crabs and prawns.