Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2am : Dessert Bar

Alicia was back for a visit and after a satisfying tze char dinner at the corner coffeeshop at Holland Village, we decided to check out 2am : Dessert Bar for erm, dessert - obviously :)

The entrance is a bit hidden away and after a slightly perilous climb up the stairs (it was kinda dark), we were greeted by a very chic and modern interior - with comfy sofas lining the walls and the rest of the place filled with bar seats. I love the ceiling to floor windows but I'm not sure you can see that much in the night. We picked a sofa and proceeded to make ourselves comfortable - actually it was not all that comfortable coz I ended up with pins and needles in my legs not soon after...

I ordered the Twix $13++ :

I love Twix (the chocolate bar) but this is nothing like that. It's burnt caramel mousse with peanut crumble and home-made valrhona ice cream. Not that you can really tell from the picture - oops :P It tasted pretty good - the chocolate ice-cream was yummy but it's made of valrhona so unlikely to taste bad, and the caramel mousse and peanut crumble combination was very similar to that of tiramisu.

We also tried the Cheesecake $15++ :

which was two slices of creamy cheesecake, blood peach form and chunks of mango. Such unusual combination of flavours, and everything went really well together.

And how can three females have dessert and not order chocolate cake of some sort?? Of course we ordered Chocolate $14++:

which is a warm chocolate tart, blood orange sorbet, with caramel drizzled over it. Loved the blood orange sorbet - it was really sour, and was a perfect foil to the bittersweet chocolate tart.

Presentation-wise, everything was amazing. Not forgetting the fact that the owner herself described the dessert in detail while serving it to us. Trying to imagine the amount of effort that has gone into preparing the dessert, and taking the time to explain the dessert to us, kinda makes up for the higher than average prices.

Probably not the kind of place I would visit that often, but the interesting desserts and chill-out atmosphere warrants a try at least.

2am : Dessert Bar
21A Lorong Liput
Tel: 6291 9727


Alicia said...

ya i had the cheesecake a couple more times after that visit :) it also had other unusual ingredients: balsamico (!) and breadcrumbs of some sort.

Joseph Yap said...

Hey ! I've been there! For all of 82 seconds.

Went in.
Nice place.
Full house.
People drinking champagne ?
No hope.
Went to NYDC instead.