Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Foo House Bar & Café

My sister kept asking me to check out this place - it's opened by her husband's friend, Sam and some of his family members. Recently made two trips here and enjoyed the food on both occasions.

The place is located in a quiet Bedok neighbourhood but gets its share of regulars. It's a cafe in the day and pub by night (with soccer being shown on the big screen TV). The chef here (Sam's uncle) used to be the Executive Sous Chef at the Grand Hyatt so besides your usual pub grub, you also get hotel-standard food at café prices.

One of their Signature Main Courses is the Roast Duck $14.90+ :

I was a bit hesitant when the dish first arrived - it's served with potato chips! But loved it on the very first bite... it's tender and flavourful. There was not enough gravy but Sam brought over more gravy before I could even think to ask for it. Apparently the very same dish costs 3 times the price at Mezza9 so this is a real bargain. And the portion is generous too - it's more than enough for one person.

I also tried another one of their Signature Main Courses - Hainanese Pork Chop $9.80+ :

Being a Hainanese family, they had to have this on the menu :D And it was pretty authentic too! The tangy tomato sauce brought back memories of the pork chops I had when I was young...

On another trip, I tried the Irish Stew $8.90+ :

At first, I thought that the portion was kinda small... but I ended up having a hard time finishing it :S This is perfect comfort food for a cold, rainy day - hot steaming soup and tender chunks of meat and carrots.

I've seen Fried Mars Bars at a few other places but ordered it here on a particularly adventurous day - Fried Mars Bar $4.50+ :

The deep fried Mars Bar is a little package of sin - it's full of calories and fat... try not to think of the dental bills you will incur soon! But it is sinfully good... but so sweet that you really can't have too much of it at one go. Order this to share!

The other thing I loved here - the Iced Lemon Tea $3.00+ :

My sister loves this drink here and insisted we each order a glass. This iced tea is mixed with orange juice, some fruits and well-shaken before being served. Seeing how most other places charge you even more for iced tea that comes from a dispenser (yuck!), this is good value, and really tasty too!

Service here can be a bit spotty as the wait staff (part-timers) are mostly students, but their enthusiasm more than makes up for it. Come here to chill out, and have some good food at very reasonable prices.

Foo House Bar & Café
6 Jalan Pari Burong
Picardy Garden
Tel : 6445 3110

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