Thursday, July 06, 2006

Whampoa Food Street (KENG) Fish Head Steamboat Eating House

*Photo added!*

Ok, so yesterday's weather was hot hot hot and not really suited to having steamboat... but I've been dying to try this for so long that I just had to have it despite the weather :)

I've passed by this place many times, and even my sister has pointed this place out to me as one of the good places to have fish steamboat. This place is so popular that the tables actually spill out the back door onto the alley behind!

Luckily I was with a friend who could the ordering - I am absolutely lost when it comes to ordering Chinese food. She ordered fish steamboat with red garoupa $30 (for four persons), prawn roll (hei zou) $6, spinach with mushrooms $12.

So all this time, when people talked about fish steamboat, I always thought it was like traditional steamboat where you have to cook the food yourself... so I was (pleasantly) suprised when the steamboat came - with all the food in it already cooked! Yay, no need to wait for food to cook! We could tuck in straight away! :)

The steamboat was heated by charcoal - that's so traditional, I don't think I've ever seen steamboat done this way! The soup looked milky and was really tasty - no doubt soaking in all the flavour of the fish. In the soup there was countless chunks of very fresh fish, lots of chinese cabbage (which I kept eating :) ... and yam. Eek, not my favourite thing, so I avoided it like crazy.

Here's the best part - like bak kut teh, the soup can also be topped up :) Sigh, I think I must have had like 5 bowls of soup...

The prawn roll (hei zou) was really good too. For those who've never had this, it's kinda like ngoh hiang, but with prawns and turnips. Crunchy and meaty! The tze char here looks pretty good too, going from how satisfied the other customers looked.

Including drinks it came up to about $14 per person. Very reasonable price for a very good meal!

Note : I did take pictures, with my own camera too... but couldn't find the cable to connect the camera to the computer and hence could not upload the photos. Will buy the cable soon. Photos akan datang :)

Whampoa Food Street (KENG) Fish Head Steamboat Eating House
556 Balestier Road
97694451 (KENG)


Joe said...

Hang on. If you don't have the cable to download the photos, does that mean you've never downloaded a single photo off your camera ?!?!

Either you don't take photos a lot and your camera has a large memory thingy or your camera isn't working anymore and you just haven't realised it yet :P

I'll just assume you lost it. Don't want to think of the other alternatives.

Back to steamboat. Sounds like something I have to try when I get back.

For some reason, I haven't craved durian for a while now. Hmmm.. musn't speak too soon...

Esther said...

I lost the cable lah... bought a new one already but haven't had a chance to download the photos yet...

Anonymous said...

you lost the cable........... :S