Monday, July 24, 2006

Ji De Chi 記得吃

One thing that is a must have for me when I'm in Hong Kong is tang yuan in ginger soup. This is real comfort food - tang yuan oozing with sesame or peanut filling... hot ginger soup warming your insides... and the best part - the unexpected kick of the ginger taste.

I've been on a hunt for good tang yuan in ginger soup in Singapore. I normally have it at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, but I've been told that there are two dessert places in Liang Seah Street that also have it.

Was really full after dinner but the topic of tang yuan was brought up during dinner... and well, I just had to have it :)

So I ended up at Ji De Chi 記得吃 at Liang Seah. It's a really simple place with tables spilling all over the sidewalk - very casual and very crowded.

Lots of other yummy sounding desserts on the menu - but I had to satisfy my craving so I ordered the Tang Yuan in Ginger Soup. Isn't it just so pretty?? The difference in the colour of the tang yuan is to differentiate the ones with sesame filling from the ones with peanut filling. A bowl of comfort for just $2.50 :)

The tang yuan was boiled to just the right firmness, and the soup had the right amount of "sharpness" to it - I really liked it! Can't wait to come back here to try the other stuff on the menu!

Ji De Chi 記得吃
8 Liang Seah Street
Tel : 6339 9928


Joe said...

Hey ! I can see the chinese characters ! And on top of that, I can read them ! (this coming from an F9-er)

Good job. Cute name for a food place. "Remember to eat ?"

Karen M said...

Now I've got Tang Yuan craving too! BTW, how'd you get the chinese characters to appear?

Esther said...

The shop's name uses the traditional chinese character for ji but I thought it would be easier for everyone to read if i used simplified chinese characters.

I 'cut and paste'-ed the chinese characters from an online chinese dictionary.

Yes, the name is pretty cute isn't it? :)