Monday, June 01, 2009

Shen Ji Seafood Garden

S and I tried this place earlier this year - we had a craving for crab and I did a quick search on ieatishootipost and feeling unadventurous, we decided to try this place at Holland V.

Service was seriously bad - it took forever for us to get any service despite us trying to get the attention of at least 3 different service staff.

The XO Crab Bee Hoon S$22 was pretty impressive when it turned up -

$22 for a whole crab and noodles - a one meal dish. Very worth it and the perfect serving size for two females, we had just this and a poh piah :) The crab had two good sized pincers and were very meaty. The soup was also quite tasty. The rest of the tze char looked pretty good too.

Worth a try if you try not to be too bothered by the really bad service.

Shen Ji Seafood Garden
Blk 40 Holland Drive #01-39
Tel : 63411737

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