Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Read about this place and decided to try it out. Nowhere on the outside of the restaurant or the menu does it say that it is a vegetarian restaurant - which kinda confuses some people... I think the point is so that people don't go with a preconceived idea of what vegetarian food is...

The decor of the restaurant was simple and chic. The long wooden bench in the middle of the restaurant brings a very earthy feel to the place.

Before the meal, customers are given a mortar and pestle and are invited to partake in the "bloss" ceremony. "Bloss" stands for "blessings of the sesame seeds" :)

So you're meant to grind the sesame seeds and add it to your food - the seeds represents the blessings you receive everyday. Kinda therapeutic to grind the seeds up and adds a nice touch to a bowl of white rice...

Not hungry enough for a full meal so ordered a few things just to sample the food here. Order the Penang Rendang (spicy pan-fried mushrooms with steamed buns) $9.80+:

Man, I LOVE steamed buns, especially this type - I could eat it everyday and not get sick of it :) The rendang that the mushrooms were cooked in was spicy, flavourful and tasted very Peranakan. Yummy!

Also ordered the Tamarind Tofu Cake $13.80+ -

Beancurd and seaweed fried into tofu cakes with a spicy tamarind sauce laden with lemon grass and fresh chilli. Tofu cakes are what some veggie stalls call "veggie fish" - one of my fav mock meat alternatives. The tamarind sauce is spicy and sour all at the same time - again with a very strong Peranakan influence.

The food was good but prices are too steep for the small portions. For vegetarian food with a Peranakan touch, you're probably better off trying Whole Earth Vegetarian.

99 East Coast Road
Tel: 6348 0668


Joe Yap said...

'Naive' huh..

You have to give a certain amount of respect to a business that openly degrades itself and/or its customers.

Pricey AND they make you help prepare the food (ala griding seeds).. I'd be rolling my eyes. :P

Also, agree with the man tou comments.. I love the ones at Red Door(?) that you eat with the Chilli crab.

Esther said...

Yeah, I guess the word naive does have a somewhat negative connotation to it.

Grinding seeds is not preparing food lah - it's a 'blessing ceremony'. It was hard not to burst out in laughter when doing it :) Talking about preparing your own food, thinking back, Hot Stones was a real rip off - I mean, a slab of raw food that cooks itself on a slab of stone?!?

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE mantou, fried and non-fried. hmm, haven't had some in a while (i.e. a week). lol.