Friday, June 06, 2008

Swiss Baeckerei

I heard about this place when they were featured on a food show on Ch 5 - they were supposed to have a really good lemon tart. And I love anything sour, so I came here to check it out a while back... and they didn't have the lemon tart!

When I had coffee here recently, I was so pleased to see that they had the Lemon Tart! I ordered it of course -

And it really was good as the presenter on the show raved about! Sour but not overpoweringly so... a hot cup of tea was the perfect drink to have with it.

Another pastry that I'm a total sucker for is Chocolate Eclair so I ordered one too -

Yums! I make it a point never to have a whole eclair by myself though, just seems way to sinful :)

Lots of good pastry here, go try!

Swiss Baeckerei
97 Frankel Avenue
Frankel Estate
Tel: 6441 8766

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