Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Red House Seafood Restaurant (East Coast)

Yet another place we went to during S's last trip back. We actually wanted to check out the Jackson Centre Kopitiam, but found out when we got there that the whole place was closed! So we ended up here instead...

Was quite odd coz we saw at least two Caucasians having a seafood feast on their own, not sure if they were tourists or locals. And when I say feast, I mean FEAST - we saw them order like five dishes EACH :O

Which made our two dishes seem really sad, but how much can two tiny girls like us eat? :D

Can't remember how much the Sri Lankan King Crab in Red House Chilli Stew cost, I think it was about $35++ per kg?

Fresh, meaty crab... sauce was pretty mediocre though, not as spicy as I would like it. Despite the elaborate name, it's really just chilli crab.

What we both loved was the Sambal Kang Kong -

The hae bee hiam (dried prawn sambal) used to fry this was really good! The sambal was tasty and super spicy. Yums.

Service was pretty good, they changed plates relatively fast without being intrusive. Not cheap but then all the restaurants here are around the same price range. Good place to bring out of town guests.

Red House Seafood Restaurant (East Coast)
1204 East Coast Parkway
#01-05 East Coast Seafood Centre
Tel: 6442 3112


Joe Yap said...

Good place for out-of-town non-guests too!! This is probably our favourite place to eat Chilli Crab every trip we make back.

And that's exactly what we order! Chilli Crab and Sambal Kang Kong. Don't forget the mantou.

Esther said...

Lol, we had mantou too, but I forgot to take a picture of it :P

Read in 8 days that there's a "Charmaine Solomon's Singapore Chilli Crab Mix" that's a product of Australia... Maybe you can see if they have it in the supermarkets there? :)

Joe Yap said...

Perhaps. If we get desperate enough. Considering our increased frequency of return trips, it's unlikely.

Besides. It's soooo messy to eat, not to mention clean up. Happy to reserve it as a special treat. Need to figure out how to cook Orh Luak though. Shirley keeps wanting to eat it when we're here.