Monday, June 23, 2008


It's been a while since I ate here but I always have fond memories of the warm, fresh bread and the tangy tomato dip. Had a voucher to use for the restaurants at the Fairmont so decided to come here for dinner one evening.

The bread and dip was as good as I remembered, so dinner was off to a good start. Starter was a salad spinach that I forgot to take a picture of... oops :P

For main courses, we ordered Parpadelle Gorgonzola and Spinach Lasagne.

The Parpadelle Gorgonzola $25.00+++ was just plain weird -

I kinda forgot what gorgonzola tasted like and had a rude reminder when I took my first taste of the pasta - it had a pungent smell and tasted really bitter. And if you can tell from the picture, the pasta was cooked with sundried tomato and kai lan. Interesting combination but thrown together, it didn't taste all that great. I think gorgonzola just does not make for a good pasta sauce. Maybe it takes an acquired taste to appreciate this, but for sure I'm not that person.

Also ordered the Spinach Lasagne -

And when this arrived, I remarked "Wow, it really looks like meat lasagne!". I took a bite and guess what? It WAS meat lasagne!

We had asked when we were ordering if the dishes we ordered were vegetarian and were reassured that they were, so we were quite shocked when they served us a meat lasagne. They later served us the Spinach Lasagne $25+++...

which was just ok. The waiter was apologetic about serving us the wrong dish... but what was strange was that we saw a guy at the next table being served the wrong dish when he ordered the spinach lasagne too!

This place has some serious service issues that they need to iron out for sure, getting two orders wrong in less than an hour. And for the prices you're paying, the food is incredibly mediocre, bordering on bad. Now I remember why I haven't been back in a while, and will definitely not be back anytime soon. There is surely better Italian food in Singapore.

80 Bras Basah Road
1F Fairmont Singapore
Tel: 6431 6156


Joe Yap said...

Just occured to me that this was a rare occurence. Three posts in a row, I've eaten what you've written about!

Well, aside from Prego that is (of which my highlight is usually the bread in olive oil, so I can't really remember any mains).

Could it be that you're running out of places to try and review ?

*Dah duh DAAAAAA* (tune-in-for-next-week's-episode music)

Esther said...

Lol, pure concidence!

Does this mean you can predict where I'm going to blog about next? :D