Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sarpino's Pizzeria

Met K for lunch and we decided to pop into Sarpino's Pizzeria just a hop and a skip away from his work place.

We ordered quite a bit of food, but K and I both have huge appetites so it was no problem finishing it. The Mix and Match Meal lets you pick One Regular Pizza and One Pasta for $23.80+, so we went with the Vegetarian Pizza and Seafood Carbonara Oven Baked Pasta AND added a side order of Garlic Bread $3.50+ :

The food took a while but I took that as a sign that the pizzas are made fresh. Plenty of veggie toppings for the pizza with a not-too-thick crust. Baked Seafood Carbonara had prawns and crabsticks with a creamy carbonara sauce - it was just ok, I think I prefer baked pasta of bite-sized pasta (fusili, penne etc). The Garlic Bread is served with a Jalapeno Dip - sounds like a strange combination but it actually goes together quite well.

Pretty decent food using fresh ingredients. There are a few outlets located across the island, but a convenient alternative is the delivery service.

Sarpino's Pizzeria
9 Clover Way (Off Jalan Peminpin)
Tel : 6258 0600

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